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We've got a cat that wees on the carpet every day.


Question: We've got a cat that wees on the carpet every day. We've bought UF2000 and spray it on the patch each time, but it doesn't help, and the litter tray is next to it. What can I do about it?


Answer: Ensure that ALL the urine comes into contact with the UF2000 COMPLETELY and for LONG ENOUGH. To neutralise all the odour, all the urine needs to come in contact with the UF2000.

To achieve this, you may wish to open the bottle of UF2000, and pour it onto the urine affected patch. This will give you the best chance to saturate the area, and ensure that the UF2000 comes completely in contact with the urine.

To ensure that the UF2000 does not dry or evaporate to quickly, cover the area with some plastic. (plastic bag ore bin bag) Remove the plastic after about 2 to 3 hours and allow to dry naturally.


For more details download the Instructions from here:

What could also be part of the problem is that the Urine has been absorbed deep into the carpet. In this instance, treat this area as suggested previously.

Instructions for use UF2000 (EN)


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