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Ecodor EC250 (Concentrate)

Ecodor EC250 is a naturally fermented product that effectively breaks down organic odours.

The powerful ingredients of EC250 ensure the acceleration of the decomposition and elimination of the organic molecules that cause smell, and thereby also the source of the odour.

Ecodor EC250 does NOT cover or mask the odour!

Organic smells are drastically reduced without the need for perfumes or harmful chemicals.

Ecodor EC250 is non perfumed, non toxic, non-irritant, hypoallergenic and free of bacteria.

Usage instructions:

Diluted, EC250 should be sprayed on the odour source, or in the pipework of an industrial installation. It should be diluted in a ratio of EC250: water (depending on the nature and intensity) ranging from 1:250 to 1:500.


Ecodor EC250 is manufactured by natural plant fermentation. It is therefore biodegradable and is completely safe for humans, environment & food.
There are no harmful chemicals or disinfectants.


Slurry Storage and / or processing, (Domestic) refuse or organic waste handling, refuse processing, water purification, meat and / or fish processing, slaughtering, rendering plants, composting plants, food processing, livestock, feed industry, paper mills.

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Packaging Types:

IBC 1000 liters and 25 liters jerry can.
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