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UF2000 4Petsis a powerful odour neutraliser which effectively combats the unpleasant odour urine smells. Order now!


Combats unpleasant odours in the home. This is an environmentally friendly air freshener, breaks the odour molecules down in a biological manner. Order now!


EcoFeet is a spray that removes unpleasant sweat odours. EcoFeet breaks down the sweat molecules in a natural way, making the smell disappear instead of masking it. Order now!


Find urine stains that are invisible to the naked eye, by using this handy `Urine detector light`. Order now!


EcoPet odor and stain remover is a bio-spray which removes unpleasant smells and stains on places where your pets visit frequently. Order now!


EcoFur coatcleaner is based on harmless vegetable protein, through which unpleasant smells of the fur and dirt in the fur immediately disappear. Order now!


Unlike ordinary `air refreshers`, EcoClinic removes the unpleasant odours instead of replacing them with perfumed air. Order now!


Unlike ordinary `air fresheners`, EcoCar removes unwanted odours rather than masking them with perfumed air. Order now!


Once applied, EcoShield provides an effective protection against ongoing odour. Order now!


Fast neutralisation and therefor immediate results; Non-irritating and hypo-allergenic; non perfumed; safe for people, animals and the environment. Order now!

EcoGlass Window Cleaner
EcoGlass - 500 ml
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EcoGlass Window Cleaner leaves windows & mirrors with a streak free shine. Ready to use. Made from a complex of surface activated substances derived from plant extracts. Leaves a clean streak free shine in one application. The result will impress even the most discerning user. This spray cleaner can be used on all water resistant smooth surfaces to instantly create a fresh and visibly clean result.

Directions for use:
Spray to moisten the surface evenly and sparingly. Leave a few seconds to work. Remove the excessive surface liquid with a lint-free cloth or paper towel, to allow uniform drying. Suitable for windows, mirrors, windshields, ceramic tiles, chrome, porcelain, TVs, monitors and all other water resistance smooth surfaces.

EcoGlass - 0,5 liter EcoGlass - 0,5 liter

EcoGlass Window Cleaner
Convenient 500 ml trigger spray bottle with on/off position.

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EcoGlass Concentrate 1 to 5 - 1 litre EcoGlass Concentrate 1 to 5 - 1 litre

1 litre bottle of concentrated EcoGlass Window Cleaner. With 1 litre concentrate you can make 5 liter ready-to-use EcoGlass liquid.

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EcoGlass Concentrate 1 to 5 - 1 litre + 0,5 liter RTU EcoGlass Concentrate 1 to 5 - 1 litre  + 0,5 liter RTU

SPECIAL: EcoGlass Window Cleaner - 500ml (Ready to use) PLUS a 1 litre bottle of 5X concentrated EcoGlass Window Cleaner.

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Customer reviews

Susan McKenzie told us:
This is an excellent product we have 5 cats who all have different personalities, but our rescue male Persian has decided to mark his territory everywhere in the house UF2000 cat urine odour neutraliser is fantastic I’ve tried many different products but he just goes back to the same places over and over again, we watched him when we used the UF2000 he sniffed and went in his litter tray which is fantastic!! The UF2000 is the only neutraliser we will be purchasing in the future.

M. Farrant told us:
Brilliant product. On stubborn pet soiling left for some time performed well . Would reccommend and buy again

Sue Ford told us:
Have been struggling for a while with two cats who seem to be waging a territory war by urinating on my leather sofa. Have tried numerous products to remove the smell with no success and some damage to the leather. Received the UF2000 last weekend and have applied twice (as the smell was quite ingrained). For the first time in ages I can't detect the odour, and neither, it seems, can the cats as they are now using their litter trays instead. Thank you!