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UF2000, cat urine odour neutraliser
UF2000 for Pets - 500 ml
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UF2000 for Pets is a powerful urine odour neutraliser which effectively combats the unpleasant odour of cat wee. 

UF2000 is an environment-friendly and efficient solution to combating these unwanted odours. 

UF2000 does not mask the smell of urine by adding another fragrance but demolishes the pungent smell by accelerating the breakdown of the odour molecule with the use of plant enzymes.

UF2000 cat urine odour remover can be used on hard surfaces such as concrete, stone, wall, parquet floor, hardwood floors and can also be safely used on softer finishings such as carpets, clothes, mattress, etc. Or even directly in your cat litter box.             

Larger applications can include: cattery's, (dogs) kennels and at vets. It can also be used for the general urine odour elimination from your dog, rabbits, rats, mice, guinea-pigs, ferrets, etc.


UF2000 for Pets - 500ml Trigger Spray UF2000 for Pets - 500ml Trigger Spray

UF2000 Pet Urine Eliminator - 500ml is conveniently packaged in 500ml trigger spray bottle.

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UF2000 for Pets - 500ml + 1 litre Refill UF2000 for Pets - 500ml + 1 litre Refill

SPECIAL: UF2000 Pet Urine Eliminator - 500ml PLUS a 1 litre Refill bottle.

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UF2000 Concentrate - 1 to 5 - 1 litre UF2000 Concentrate - 1 to 5 - 1 litre

1 litre bottle of concentrated UF2000 against urine smell. With 1 litre concentrate you can make 5 liter ready-to-use UF2000 liquid.

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+1 #10 Melanie Lamb 2014-07-26 10:56
Absolutely fantastic product. I have four cats and had tried everything (and spent a small fortune in the process) to remove the smell of urine on the occasion that there had been an accident. I also had an incident when a stray cat got into my house and sprayed on my new sofa!!! I researched on the internet and found UF2000. This product is incredible and does exactly what it says on the tin. Part of you feels that you should add water or see foam and that it won't be clean or remove the smell afterwards. You just need to rethink the way things can be cleaned and smells neutralized. Follow the instructions and the rest is magic!! I will never use anything else now. Thank you Ecodor. My advice to anyone else... Throw all your other useless products away and invest in this ... And only this! I would give this 100 star rating if I could. Thanks again.
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+3 #9 ALISON LOVETT 2013-11-20 15:30
At last - a product that really works for cat wee. Highly recommended in conjunction with the urine stain detector - no cat owner should be without them, but prepare for shocking discoveries!! Super fast despatch, too - thank you!!
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0 #8 Mari Prichard 2013-10-31 09:50
I was feeling pretty hopeless about an old but much loved carpet that had become a cold weather toilet for an old and (so far) much loved cat. I asked a local specialist carpet shop to clean it, but they said the one odour they couldn't deal with was cat. It would probably be there forever, even after thorough washing. Unbelieving, I searched the web and phoned Ecodor, Excelent service, and this product worked. Carpet (and cat) rescued. M Prichard
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0 #7 Beryl Attwood 2013-10-23 11:42
I have an old cat who had decided he did not like to use his litter tray. Had used other products but he still did not use his tray although the area did not smell of cat wee. I bought UF2000, sprayed the carpet and he started using his litter tray again. The only problem I get now is when he stands with his front legs in the tray and the business end hanging outside! Have tried it on the carpet behind the sofa which, unknown to us until the smell got bad, he had been using as his toilet for some time. After 2 cleaning sessions with a day between there is 99% improvement. Plan to spray with UF2000 again and think that should cure the smell.
Had problems logging onto site to leave this review and Martin very kindly talked me through. Therefore would recommend both the product and the company customer support. :-)
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0 #6 Terry Baldwin 2013-07-30 11:05
This product has made my home a much nicer place to come home to! We have had a lot of trouble with a marauding cat that comes into our house and sprays the furniture leading to our own male cat spraying to cover it up. We used to use soap and water before but never again now we`ve tried UF2000.
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0 #5 Fiona Hughes 2013-07-24 16:15
Far and away the best thing I've tried, and it does not have a strong smell of its own, unlike some other products.
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0 #4 Jackie Foster 2013-05-12 09:20
This is an excellent product for incontinent cats. After a house move our cat was so nervous, he wet on our bedroom carpet as soon as he heard the door bell. The stench made your eyes water. I used lots of products '' guaranteed'' to remove the smell.....they failed miserably and puss kept piddling. I sent for UF2000.....its brilliant, bedroom smells gorgeous again and puss uses his once neglected litter tray again. Thanks
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0 #3 Lesley Blower 2012-10-01 15:46
I have tried many other products before but this has certainly performed best on 'old' smells.
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+3 #2 David Hart 2011-10-28 14:11
This is the 3rd bottle I have purchased and find it brilliant.
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+3 #1 susan powell 2011-06-26 11:56
I was sceptical when I bought this as I had tried so many 'wonder' products before which didn't work. I'm very happy with UF2000, it does what is claimed and I'm thrilled. I had to respray several times as we had a real problem with a marauding tomcat but the smell is now under control. I'd recommend this to anybody.
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