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UF2000 4Petsis a powerful odour neutraliser which effectively combats the unpleasant odour urine smells. Order now!


Combats unpleasant odours in the home. This is an environmentally friendly air freshener, breaks the odour molecules down in a biological manner. Order now!


EcoFeet is a spray that removes unpleasant sweat odours. EcoFeet breaks down the sweat molecules in a natural way, making the smell disappear instead of masking it. Order now!


Find urine stains that are invisible to the naked eye, by using this handy `Urine detector light`. Order now!


EcoPet odor and stain remover is a bio-spray which removes unpleasant smells and stains on places where your pets visit frequently. Order now!


EcoFur coatcleaner is based on harmless vegetable protein, through which unpleasant smells of the fur and dirt in the fur immediately disappear. Order now!


Unlike ordinary `air refreshers`, EcoClinic removes the unpleasant odours instead of replacing them with perfumed air. Order now!


Unlike ordinary `air fresheners`, EcoCar removes unwanted odours rather than masking them with perfumed air. Order now!


Once applied, EcoShield provides an effective protection against ongoing odour. Order now!


Fast neutralisation and therefor immediate results; Non-irritating and hypo-allergenic; non perfumed; safe for people, animals and the environment. Order now!

SC-Professional, combats smoke & soot odours.
SC Professional

SC Professional neutralises smoke odour quickly and naturally.
SC Professional is an odour eliminator especially designed for the removal of fire and smoke odours.

SC Professional is sprayed onto the source of the odour.
The enzymes decompose the smoke and / or soot odour molecules.
SC Professional responds quickly and efficiently to break down the pungent smell of fire and smoke within a few hours, to completely neutralise the air, and makes your home or office habitable again.

Experience in the past years has shown that SC Professional is also suitable for oil damage and the removal of odours and musty smells in flooded confinements such as basements.

Depending on the intensity of the smell, only one or a few applications may be necessary.

Usage Instructions:

In situations where it is important that the SC Professional droplets penetrate deep into some materials, such as ceilings, cavity walls, furniture, polyether foam, etc., and also that the increased relative humidity is not desired, it recommended to choose a nebulizer that emits an as fine as possible mist.

In other situations a portable misting fogger is sufficient (as the nebulizer Nebulo).


SC Professional is composed of a number of different organic enzymes, through which a broad spectrum of components of odour can be effectively dealt with and neutralised.


Fire & soot damage, smoke oudour elimination, oil damage, remove odours and musty smells in flooded basements.

Packaging Types:

1 litre bottle or 5 litre jerrycan.

Download MSDS

Download MSDS

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