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UF2000 for Pets - 0,5 liter x 6 EcoPet Odour and Stain Remover Refill - 2,5 litre

EcoLight - Urine stain detector
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EcoLight - Urine stain detector

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Find urine stains that are invisible to the naked eye, by using this handy 'Urine detector light'. The (dried) salt in the urine will light up in the light of the detector, making the treatment of the 'source' easier. Batteries (3 AAA Duracell) are included for your convenience.


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Customer Reviews:

Rating: 5
Thank you for your super-fast delivery! I never thought I would recommend a product that has revealed the shocking existence of cat wee all over my house. Absolutely brilliant - but prepare to be horrified at the results!! Thanks goodness for the UF2000 product to eliminate these grim findings!! Both highly recommended to all cat owners!!

M French  
Rating: 5
Fantastic - it was embarrassing how much dried urine spray I found on walls and carpets. No wonder the house smelt awful. (Dealt with it successfully using UF2000).I'd recommend this to all cat owners - it really works!

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Customer reviews

M. Farrant told us:
Brilliant product. On stubborn pet soiling left for some time performed well . Would reccommend and buy again

Sue Ford told us:
Have been struggling for a while with two cats who seem to be waging a territory war by urinating on my leather sofa. Have tried numerous products to remove the smell with no success and some damage to the leather. Received the UF2000 last weekend and have applied twice (as the smell was quite ingrained). For the first time in ages I can't detect the odour, and neither, it seems, can the cats as they are now using their litter trays instead. Thank you!

Susan McKenzie told us:
This is an excellent product we have 5 cats who all have different personalities, but our rescue male Persian has decided to mark his territory everywhere in the house UF2000 cat urine odour neutraliser is fantastic I’ve tried many different products but he just goes back to the same places over and over again, we watched him when we used the UF2000 he sniffed and went in his litter tray which is fantastic!! The UF2000 is the only neutraliser we will be purchasing in the future.