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EcoShield, elimina los olores de basura orgánica
EcoShield es un producto especialmente desarrollado para combatir a la raíz los olores de basura orgánica (verduras, frutas y de jardín). Lo excepcional de EcoShield es que se aplica como una capa protectiva a la raíz del olor.

EcoShield - 0,5 Liter

500 ml EcoShield

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Reacties van klanten

Susan McKenzie told us:
This is an excellent product we have 5 cats who all have different personalities, but our rescue male Persian has decided to mark his territory everywhere in the house UF2000 cat urine odour neutraliser is fantastic I’ve tried many different products but he just goes back to the same places over and over again, we watched him when we used the UF2000 he sniffed and went in his litter tray which is fantastic!! The UF2000 is the only neutraliser we will be purchasing in the future.

Sue Ford told us:
Have been struggling for a while with two cats who seem to be waging a territory war by urinating on my leather sofa. Have tried numerous products to remove the smell with no success and some damage to the leather. Received the UF2000 last weekend and have applied twice (as the smell was quite ingrained). For the first time in ages I can't detect the odour, and neither, it seems, can the cats as they are now using their litter trays instead. Thank you!

M. Farrant told us:
Brilliant product. On stubborn pet soiling left for some time performed well . Would reccommend and buy again